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„Tf Service Horn“ bitte nicht mit „Tf Service Hahn“ verwechseln… da sind Abelio, BeWegt & die DB Kunde

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Hornbau, unser 330km/h AMG SKLs bräuchten eigentlich LZB/ETCS, aber wozu? Wir nutzen ja schon seit Jahren erfolgreich Flauschlink, nur leider hängt unser Uplinkkabel bisher unbeachtet im DB Netz Rack 🤷‍♀️
„Ihnen fehlt Abdeckung, aber sie möchten schneller fahren? Nutzen Sie jetzt unsere Netzzugangshaje oder beauftragen Sie doch direkt Tf Service Horn“

kinky idea OS 

Make someone install windows 11 and make them use it… as punishment 😈

ordered "Unstable Unicorn" :blobcatbox:

Maybe some other Unicorns, Catgirls, Witches or so called "humans" want to play it with me.

Okee…. to be fair, he had modded ARGB onto it 🤭
So he were verry shiny ✨

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The gayest guy in the room with the leather harness gets all the 👍 by the trans girls 😅


MPH in the club is like… everyone is dropping, no looting

OH Schnitzel 

OH1: aber wo bekommt man in ordentliches Fleisch her :<
OH2: Man lässt Jana mit ein paar Messern losziehen und stellt keine Fragen.

OH: I defeated the Unicorn!!!

Grrr… biest


(two tall cis [maybe gay] guys with Lumberjack beard talk about Testo Doping… one seams to have issues with being physically to horny all the time)

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OH: „… i need to take Hornblocker later…“
Hey!!! This is rude!!!

linkedin... to wtf to fake... i got a message from a recruter :blob_cat_oh_no:

Skating through the city and deliver messages to cute girls by arrow 🤔

Okee… maybe I had to much :potion_lesbian: this morning :blobcatcoffee:

TIL: kinky things about some of you 

TIL: some of these humans are little's 👶

Maybe I should offer "Linda's cuddely day-(&night) care" 🤔

Humans cosplaying unicorn who sometimes walks around as "Jana". :thonk:

anouth internet for today... I've end up at zentauron, Ziefix, DIN 14800 and MOLLE attachemts... *close browser window* :blob_cat_peek:

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