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i think quite a few people might need to hear this too tbh

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reminder to self 

you're allowed to do things.
you do not need other people's approval for every tiny thing you do.
you do not need to ask permission.
you are allowed to like the things you like, even if others dislike them.
you do not need to like everything other people like.
you are allowed to have needs.
you are allowed to ask for help.
you are allowed to say no.
you have a right to exist, and take up space and resources you need.
you are allowed to not function from time to time.

funny how hetzner having issues causes my monitoring to go down but not my instance
still, i have a blank spot in my monitoring now >:c [angy julia noises]

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poll, mh-adj 

randomly starting to cry for no reason is normal right?

quick self harm poll 

need a choice idk pick at least one

they added the 🥺 emoji to mastodon's emoji picker so uh, downtime imminent

hoo whee another thread that's entirely going into the domain block list

self quote 

worst case i keep dissociating, but faster

aaand we're running 3.4.0, everything went smoothly and should be back up and running as normal, let me know if you experience any issues ^^

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updating mastodon, instance might be down for a bit

complete the sentence for me 

and for my next trick i will __________

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