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my mh issues are tagged as "wontfix" on my bug tracker

med, drugs, german, OH, might cause second hand anxiety 

OH: mit fettiger haut auf LSD sich selbst ne injektion geben macht echt nicht so viel spaß

self quote, mh 

just having ptsd would be such a fucking relief

oh wait did i say issues? i meant mental health. i'll make my mental health disappear

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for my next trick i'm gonna make my mental health issues disappear!

no = don't bother with pain and turn it off
yes = just stay in pain

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(the question is do i keep bothering with pain, or uh, turn it off)

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german, addiction 

Suchthilfe? nein danke, dass schaff ich schon selbst :p


anyway i'm in moderate pain again, ama

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ph meta, question, could use some reassurance cause i'm once again doubting everything 

wait so it's not normal to constantly feel some amount of pain?

*i was always told i was just faking/exaggerating and i'm legitimately not sure aaaa*

i never asked for my body to keep the score :c

🤡 <- me when i don't communicate my needs at all and then wonder why they're not met

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