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(the question is do i keep bothering with pain, or uh, turn it off)

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german, addiction 

Suchthilfe? nein danke, dass schaff ich schon selbst :p


anyway i'm in moderate pain again, ama

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ph meta, question, could use some reassurance cause i'm once again doubting everything 

wait so it's not normal to constantly feel some amount of pain?

*i was always told i was just faking/exaggerating and i'm legitimately not sure aaaa*

i never asked for my body to keep the score :c

🤡 <- me when i don't communicate my needs at all and then wonder why they're not met

today on things that can be either good or very bad 

not waking up in the icu

did you know? drugs are actually just tiny kittens that go bap on certain receptors in your body

partial lyricsposting, vibing 

i'm scared to get close
and i hate being alone
i long for that feeling
to not feel at all
the higher i get
the lower i sink
i can't drown my demons
they know how to swim

high key considering sending this to "parents" before blocking them for good

cognitohazard, turned my intrusive thoughts into whatever this is 

i wanna give up
i keep letting everyone down
i feel like running around and deserting people
i've already made people i love cry :c
should just say goodbye
not gonna lie, feels like i've already hurt you

another shitty instance that we won't have to deal with here

explicitly defederating from

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