server's due for an update, will probably be offline for a few minutes tomorrow early morning CET

mh shitpost 

getting new trauma be like your cptsd has evolved to ptsd over c

fuck kinda chord is ptsd/c

border: 1px solid black; /* implement borderline */

i loooovvvee trauma! i eat it all up! numnumnum!

shitpost, but dark-ish 

updating my home to the death barrier to collect watch for mental health issues in 0.5 a presses

aaaand we're back
sorry for the outage (15:12 to 15:44 UTC)

rebooting server, fingers crossed nothing breaks

me, shutting myself off from everyone: i'm lonely :c

i would like to announce that i am a shitty person and that i highly discourage interacting with me

what state do i live in? glad you asked, it's Existential Dread

subtoot, pleromians 

at lain at hentai dot baby

how about no? fuck off?

linux midi question 

🦆 how hard is it to get realtime playback from a midi device in linux

i wanna play piano through my pc instead of relying on the built-in amp

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