linux midi question 

🦆 how hard is it to get realtime playback from a midi device in linux

i wanna play piano through my pc instead of relying on the built-in amp

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pov: you're me staring at the ceiling while being in so much pain that you stop being able to process reality and everything goes blurry

limited sanity 

it drowns out the screams inside my head without being otherwise distracting or annoying

locking this account down a little more, if you aren't following me anymore it's not personal i promise

this dream turned into a nightmare
and i'm the monster

julia is known to the state of california to cause cancer

sui (shitpost) 

percentage of breakdowns that end in sui attempts

[ insert wall of text about inequality and climate doom here ]

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meme collection, abuse, potentially triggering imagery 

me? complicated past? sexual abuse? nooooo couldn't be me

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