poll, mh-adj 

randomly starting to cry for no reason is normal right?

quick self harm poll 

need a choice idk pick at least one

they added the 🥺 emoji to mastodon's emoji picker so uh, downtime imminent

hoo whee another thread that's entirely going into the domain block list

ed shitpost, out of context screenshot 


self quote 

worst case i keep dissociating, but faster

ventposting (shitpost) 

i feel.

aaand we're running 3.4.0, everything went smoothly and should be back up and running as normal, let me know if you experience any issues ^^

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updating mastodon, instance might be down for a bit

complete the sentence for me 

and for my next trick i will __________

my mh issues are tagged as "wontfix" on my bug tracker

med, drugs, german, OH, might cause second hand anxiety 

OH: mit fettiger haut auf LSD sich selbst ne injektion geben macht echt nicht so viel spaß

self quote, mh 

just having ptsd would be such a fucking relief

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