lmao me, except i also have trauma and probably several mental disorders c:

@julia You can get surprisingly far if your gifted™ areas are the right ones... Though I guess sooner or later you kinds miss the learning organization skills which other people acquired back in school

@julia Same except I almost never had good grades before I enrolled at university

@julia oh boy does this burnout continue well into your thirties too...

@julia I tripped over it at 17-18 in 6th form, then fell face first into it at 19-20 during my two years at university, before dropping out because I didn't actually know how to learn anything. it's taken until the last few months to finally start getting over it.

get yourself into therapy, kids, it would have done me a world of good over the last decade

@julia A lot of this sounds like “gifted kid with adhd”, tbh - though that may just be my own experience

@julia me except I’m 31 and still like this looool

@julia i think gifted kid burnout is at least partially adhd tbh

Or you're just another classical lazy person with self confidence bigger than the moon...




I am so lucky, I escaped half of it !

:blobhug: for all that need one.

rhetorical question 

@julia is it worse if I have all of it before 18?...

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