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lmao me, except i also have trauma and probably several mental disorders c:

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self destructive coping mechanisms feel so good because they make me feel like i fit into this broken world

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pleasant subtoot, re: poll 

@ the person that voted for "yes" and "no", i hope you have a nice day
@ everyone else that's reading this, i hope you also have a nice day

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poll, ph 

is it normal to have (mild) constant pain?

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whenever i post something funny on this account i set it to be publicly visible
the full thing is muuuch darker uwu

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oh no unexpected outage
network switch died, network has been fixed, we're back up
sorry for the inconvenience ❤️

:bing:​ why is it so hard to find a decent flat without having to pay ½ of your income on rent every month

sh, social question i guess, :boost_ok: 

will i get in trouble if i go out in public with fresh (as in, closed up, no longer bleeding, but obviously new) sh wounds visible?

weird shitpost idk 

posting "wow i'm on fire today" but i'm literally on fire ow fuck it hurts please help

april fools 

today is bearable without benzos

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