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meme collection, abuse, potentially triggering imagery 

me? complicated past? sexual abuse? nooooo couldn't be me

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reminder to self 

you're allowed to do things.
you do not need other people's approval for every tiny thing you do.
you do not need to ask permission.
you are allowed to like the things you like, even if others dislike them.
you do not need to like everything other people like.
you are allowed to have needs.
you are allowed to ask for help.
you are allowed to say no.
you have a right to exist, and take up space and resources you need.
you are allowed to not function from time to time.

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my mh issues are tagged as "wontfix" on my bug tracker

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self quote, mh 

just having ptsd would be such a fucking relief

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lmao me, except i also have trauma and probably several mental disorders c:

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self destructive coping mechanisms feel so good because they make me feel like i fit into this broken world

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@ronel , @bhwilkoff and @mk cannot read bios apparently! round of applause for them please?

instance playing catch-up be like
1h ago
30m ago
2h ago
15s ago
40m ago

fedi meta, sarcasm 

let's block all mentally unhealthy people because they don't have perfect self control all the time, i'm sure that'll fix all problems

server's due for an update, will probably be offline for a few minutes tomorrow early morning CET

mh shitpost 

getting new trauma be like your cptsd has evolved to ptsd over c

fuck kinda chord is ptsd/c

border: 1px solid black; /* implement borderline */

i loooovvvee trauma! i eat it all up! numnumnum!

shitpost, but dark-ish 

updating my home to the death barrier to collect watch for mental health issues in 0.5 a presses

aaaand we're back
sorry for the outage (15:12 to 15:44 UTC)

rebooting server, fingers crossed nothing breaks

me, shutting myself off from everyone: i'm lonely :c

i would like to announce that i am a shitty person and that i highly discourage interacting with me

what state do i live in? glad you asked, it's Existential Dread

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